30 Facts About First Genesis SUV

Every piece of information about the premium Genesis GV80 SUV to date.

The Genesis GV80 was presented on January 15 in Seoul. This is the first SUV of the premium brand owned by the Hyundai-Kia conglomerate. Koreans compare its design, no less, with the landing of a man on the moon. They chose the phrase «First man — first SUV» as their slogan, referring to astronaut Neil Armstrong. Somewhat presumptuous… However, this car can really have an epochal significance for Genesis, turning it into a self-sufficient brand. After all, until now, the Korean company produced only sedans: this segment is gradually shrinking, and Genesis’ sales were modest in comparison with German competitors. They could not generate enough profit to justify the existence of the brand. Now, Genesis is entering a highly sought-after and highly marginal market segment.

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The Genesis GV80 was the first car to be based on the brand's new design language — «Athletic elegance» — from the very beginning. Its distinctive features are a pentagonal radiator grille with diamond cells and horizontally split headlights (this line is continued by chrome linings on the sides and with divided taillights). The same elements were successfully implemented by Genesis’ designers in the G90 during the restyling.

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The pentagonal motif is repeated by the stamping on the hood. The company calls the style of the diamond-patterned radiator grille as «G-Matrix»: the same ornament is used for the seat upholstery, wheel rims...

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Diamonds are used even in the design of LED headlights. Do you see the characteristic notches in the corners? Four led «guns» in the headlights are also part of the new design language.

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The drawing that was made by the chief exterior designer Jeon Myung-Jin will help you better consider the features of the style. By the way, the design of the SUV is truly international: it is a product of cooperation between studios in South Korea, the USA and Germany.

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The SUV is built on a completely new platform. Basically, it is rear-wheel drive; the engine is installed longitudinally and is located above the front axle. The RWD system is carried out using the power take-off unit behind the gearbox and the reducing unit on the right under the engine. AWD and RWD models are also available. Moreover, all-wheel drive SUVs will receive a self-locking differential with electronic control in the rear axle. The chassis features a two-link front suspension and a multi-link rear one. By the way, the same platform should form the basis for the second-generation G80.

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The body of the Genesis GV80 is made with extensive use of ultra-high-strength hot-stamped steels. But the hood and doors (side and rear) are made of aluminum for weight reduction. The length of the car is 4,945 mm. The GV80 belongs to the same size class as the BMW X5 and the Volkswagen Touareg.

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There is only one engine — a brand new 3.0-liter turbo diesel unit with an output of 278 hp. The six-cylinder engine has an inline layout and is designed specifically for longitudinal installation on Genesis models. Among its features are an aluminum cylinder block (which is rare for diesels), a variable geometry turbine with ball bearings, and a liquid intercooler. The transmission is eight-speed hydro-mechanical. Fuel consumption for the all-wheel drive version is 9.2-9.6 liters per 100 km in a mixed cycle. The Genesis GV80 will soon receive a pair of petrol engines: a 2.5-liter 290-hp turbo V4 from the Kia K5 GT and a 3.5-liter380-hp biturbo V6 with a combined injection (it is an evolution of the 3.3-liter turbo V6 from the Genesis G90 and the Kia Stinger).

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The Genesis GV80 will only be equipped with a spring-loaded suspension — there are no airbags even for a surcharge, like in the flagship G90. But on request, you can get an adaptive suspension: shock absorbers change their stiffness based on data from the front camera, which scans the roadway in front of the car. Similar suspensions are used on the Audi A8 and the DS7. A similar idea is at the heart of the Mercedes e-Active Body Control suspension, but that system is more perfect: due to the high-speed hydraulics, it can also resist bumps.

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Among driver assistance systems are Highway Driving Assistant II (used when changing lanes and entering highways), cruise control with a machine learning algorithm (it learns to imitate the driving style of the owner), and an auto-braking system that can avoid collisions with cars moving in a perpendicular direction at intersections.

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The Genesis GV80 is the first production car to receive an inflatable cushion between the driver and the front passenger: an interesting novelty in the field of passive safety. It insures the safety of passengers in a side impact, when they can cause injuries to each other. A total of 10 airbags are installed in the car.

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A two-spoke steering wheel is an atypical solution for today's automotive industry. Of course, the steering column is equipped with an electric drive. Ventilation deflectors cover almost the entire width of the fascia. And this is not a decoration: the air really comes from everywhere.

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Instead of the conventional gearbox, there is a rotary shifter, like that of the British Jaguars… or the American Chrysler Pacifica MPVs and the Ford Fusion sedans.

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The climate is controlled from a separate touchscreen, but physical rotary knobs are left to adjust the temperature.

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The handle of the Multi-Terrain Control system allows you to select preset driving modes, e.g. «sand», «mud» or «snow».

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The Multi-Terrain Control system is installed only on all-wheel drive vehicles and, among other things, affects the algorithm of operation of the rear differential with electronic control.

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Aluminum trim with diamond-shaped notches and genuine leather seats with perforations is a feature of the Signature Design Selection I package. Standard models have leather without perforation, different seat stitching, and piano polish on the central tunnel and doors.

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Wood with matt lacquer and Nappa leather with diamond stitching are prerogatives of Signature Design Selection II. The interior can be made in a five- or seven-seat layout.

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On request, you can get a 3-zone climate control, a power backseat and ventilation for the second row. The same package of options includes curtains, make-up mirrors, and neck pillows. The list of options includes a panoramic roof.

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The standard SUVs are equipped with an 8-inch digital cockpit, but the High Tech package features a 12.3-inch one: it is shown in all presentation photos. The built-in camera tracks the driver's eyes and automatically adjusts the image to create a 3D effect. A similar system was launched two years ago on the Genesis G70.

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By the way, take a look at the tachometer scale, which is graduated in the opposite direction (from right to left), like that of Aston Martin car or new BMWs. It's beautiful, but hard to read.

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A 14.5-inch infotainment system is equipped with Genesis connected services, Android Auto and Apple Car Play. And in South Korea, it is connected to the Genesis CarPay payment system, which allows you to pay at gas stations, for toll roads and other car services directly from the head unit.

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For clarity, the navigation system puts hints directly on the image from the front-view camera on the principle of «augmented reality»: this option is included in the Driving Assistance Package. A similar principle is used in the navigation system of modern Mercedes cars.

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You can enter addresses in the GPS system either using the on-screen keyboard or using the touch panel on the central tunnel by handwriting.

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Other features include a voice recognition system via the cloud service and a built-in video recorder that uses a standard camera under the windshield. You can view recordings from it either through the head unit itself or through the app on your smartphone. A Lexicon audio system is among the options. Pay attention to the contour lighting. You can use your smartphone as a key.

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Customers can choose from three wheel sizes: 19, 20 or 22 inches. They all differ in design. The picture shows the largest wheels.

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In South Korea, orders for the Genesis GV80 are already being accepted. Prices start from ₩65.8 million ($46,000) for a 2WD version. Prices for AWD cars start at ₩69.3 million ($49,000). This is almost twice the price of the large Hyundai Palisade SUV.

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