What Cars Disappeared in 2019

Each year is traditionally full of car innovations. But, as you know, there is no smoke without fire: a release of new cars is often accompanied by the fact that some old models have been "retired" instead.

We have compiled a list of cars that disappeared in 2019. Those include both legendary models (which we will obviously regret) and unpopular cars (we assure you, their departure will not be particularly noticeable).

Chevrolet Cruze (1st generation) Chevrolet Cruze (1st generation)

Cadillac CTS (2002-2019)

The Cadillac CTS appeared in 2002 and has changed three generations since then. But now it's time for it to retire. The company will offer the four-door Cadillac CT5 in return.

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Cadillac XTS (2012-2019)

Another popular Cadillac has also retired. Back in 2016, the premium CT6 was introduced and the XTS was no longer needed. However, it was still produced for some time.

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Chevrolet Cruze (2008-2019)

One of the most affordable cars in the C-segment has also become a part of history: GM finally and irrevocably removed the Chevrolet Cruze from the assembly line. What was the reason? The global market is increasingly demanding CUVs and SUVs.

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Chevrolet Volt (2010-2019)

At the time of its appearance, the Volt was one of the most interesting models. No wonder, it is a hybrid – ICE + electric motor. It was designed to compete with the Toyota Prius, but the plan failed: the Chevy was surpassed 6 times in sales by the Japanese car.

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Ford Taurus (1985-2019)

The legend of the American automobile industry, which was defeated by SUVs (Yes, Ford also decided to bet on the SUV). The company has sold 8 million cars in 34 years. Bravo!

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Jaguar XJ (1968-2019)

The representative sedan, one of Jaguar's most iconic models, has also become a thing of the past in 2019. However, the company prepares a successor – it will certainly be an electric car.

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Nissan 370Z Roadster (2009-2019)

The regular version of the 370Z is in good demand, especially in the US, but the convertible was unclaimed. Considering the fact that the car is frankly old-fashioned, it has to be moved aside.

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Opel Adam (2013-2019)

There is one city car with a beautiful name Adam in Opel’s line-up, or rather there was one: the production of the car was discontinued due to small demand. Another hatchback, the Karl, also got in the middle of it.

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Toyota Mark X (2004-2019)

The Toyota Mark X is not very well known in our area, which is understandable – the model was intended for the Japanese market. However, the car itself is legendary: it represented such concepts as genuine quality, comfort and technology of Toyota cars.

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Volkswagen Beetle (2011-2019)

The legendary Beetle has finally retired. The Beetle ends the history of the iconic Käfer, which was produced from 1938 to 2003. No, wait… if all goes well, VW promises to revive it in the form of an electric car!

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