5 Disappearing Car Things

Every day the automotive industry is moving forward, so it is logical that modern cars are constantly improving and changing. This certainly applies not only to design and engines.

At the same time, some features are simply updated, while others get retired. We have compiled a list of things that are likely to disappear from cars in the near future due to progress.

Rear view mirrors

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Even now traditional rear-view mirrors are being replaced by external cameras (in particular, such cameras are installed on the Lexus ES and Audi e-tron), and governments of different countries are legalizing this technology (Japan was the first to do it). Some drivers note that cameras are not that convenient. However, practice has shown that this is just a matter of habit.

Manual glass windows

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Today, it is very difficult to find manual glass windows in new cars – only cheap cars are equipped with them. Soon it will come to the point that the usual rotating handles will not be profitable to produce due to low demand.

Car keys

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The same applies to the ignition key. Automakers are gradually abandoning it. First, it is more convenient for the driver to use the engine start button (you do not need to take it out or insert it). Secondly, the latter is much cheaper to produce due to its simplicity.

Analog gauges

5 Disappearing Car Things photo 5

More and more car companies are abandoning traditional dashboards. The future has already arrived: the digital age has forced engineers to switch to displays. With their help, you can monitor vital car indicators and control almost all the functions of the car.

Manual gearbox

5 Disappearing Car Things photo 6

Yes, to the great disappointment of old men, the manual gearbox is also gradually dying: as statistics have shown, only 3% of cars with manual transmission left American car dealerships last year. But the European expansion of the automatic transmission is not yet so strong, though its positions become better and better every year. The automatic gearbox was originally considered more convenient to use, and now they have become even more reliable without old flaws.

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