Most Ridiculous Car Thieves

Car thieves who made the most ridiculous attempts to steal a car.

What drives criminals to steal a car? Memphis’ fame from “Gone in Sixty Seconds” or the desire to quickly get hold of money? Someone does it more professionally than Copperfield dissolves cars in the air but someone else… Let's just say it deserves a pat on the shoulder and a condescending “you tried”.

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On May 27 2019, a man came to Auto Boulevard in San Antonio (Texas). As he said, he was looking for a new car. After having tested an Infiniti G37, the potential customer asked to take a look at other cars. While a manager was distracted in search of other cars, the theft jumped back into the Infiniti and disappeared in an unknown direction. Perfect crime? Almost. But the would-be attacker left his passport at the car dealership (as it turned out, it was real) and got caught on surveillance cameras.

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Hijackers rarely take on bright cars with unique modifications. But this one did not stop the team of automotive kleptomaniacs, who decided to steal a Japspeed JZ1 Impreza prepared for drifting in bright coloring and microscopic clearance. Besides, they had the audacity to steal a car directly from the auto show! But the hijackers did not enjoy their loot for long – you cannot hide an awl in a bag. The car was stolen on Sunday and the police returned the car to the owner on Monday.

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Eric McFall caught his luck when he won a 1975 green Chevrolet El Camino on huge custom wheels. But here's the problem — someone tried to steal the car. Four times. Eventually, McFall got tired of it and began to watch the hijacker from evening to evening. It did not have to wait long. When Jose Galvan (the hijacker) once again tried to steal the coveted El Camino, Eric, who was a former wrestler, put the criminal in an armlock before the police arrived. McFall responded to Jose's “let me call my dad!» shouts: „Your father will wait until you're in jail.“

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Mobile parade rafts are often built for mass celebrations and holidays in North America. Some smart guy thought of stealing one of these rafts. The loss was quickly tracked down (not the most inconspicuous and the fastest cars) — the hijacker brought it to the garbage processing plant.

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12 years ago, a team of car thieves came up with a sophisticated plan to steal a new Ford GT from a dealership. It seemed that everything was taken into account: it was necessary to get inside, get 50 Cent off, knock out the gate with the help of a Lincoln Navigator and hide in the coveted supercar. But there was one flaw in the plan – there was a lack of driving experience. The hijackers failed to cope with 550 hp and smashed the car, as well as had of the street, causing city damage for $30,000.

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We do not even know how to classify this story – whether it is a hijacking or a kidnapping. In any case, it is the stupidest thing to do. In general, a police officer stopped a car suspected of theft. When the driver got out of the car and pretended to give up, he jumped into a Crown Victoria police car and tried to escape. On his grief, the police officer managed to jump on the hood and to shoot the wheels of the car at a speed of 200 km/h from such an awkward position.

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A Corvette owner received a signal on his key fob that the car standing at his house was opened. When he went outside, he almost died laughing: the thief got into the car but did not know how to make it go – the Corvette was equipped with a manual transmission. Besides, the central lock worked and the criminal could not figure out how to get out of the coupe. Blows from inside on the glass with a hammer did not give much results. So, another epic fail.

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To hijack a racing car. Winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1969. Boldly. Recklessly. And even spectacular. The theft occurred at night, when all the employees of the Penske Lola team were asleep. The car was found quite quickly but the hijackers had already “conjured” over the car: it was equipped with a Shelby engine for some reason and a huge crack was found in the tubular frame after returning to the base. All this cost the Lola team participation in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1969.

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A carjacker from Calgary (Canada) tracked down a rare Skyline GT-R R32 and successfully hijacked it. But he could not resist the temptation to publish the results of the successful mission in social networks and on YouTube. Canadian internet users tracked down the car in the blink of an eye. And the owner made the braggart hijacker even more famous. Using the same YouTube.

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Stealing a car from a police station is like going to the store in «Fast and Furious». The reality is a little more severe. One man made his way to a parking lot of a police station, opened a Chevrolet Lumina and even got it to the exit. But that was the end of the story: after all, stealing a police car from a parking lot of a police station teeming with police officers is not a very good idea.

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As well as the idea of stealing a car with a police officer inside. 20-year-old Aaron Orlando Rodriguez III wanted to get hold of a police car in Fort Pierce (Florida) but did not notice that someone was inside. Officer Robbie Trutman, who was in the car at the time of the theft, did not tolerate such impudence and soon caught up with the suspect, who tried to hide from him behind another car.