What is a kit car?

You can usually notice the word “kit car” somewhere on the Internet, but many have a fairly remote idea what it means. Let's figure out what a kit car is, where it came from, and what is needed to assemble it.

Lotus Cars’ founder and chief designer engineer Colin Chapman, who won 7 Formula One Constructors’ titles from 1963 to 1978, wrote a bestseller — the book «Build your own sports car for as little as 250». A car for £250 (about $400) seemed to be a dream at that time as it seems now.

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The purpose of the building is to manufacture the frame according to the finished project and transfer all the necessary spare parts from a donor vehicle. The license for frame manufacturing and kit assembling was purchased by Caterham Cars, which has been successfully selling kits for building cars until today. The company was first to introduce kit cars.

You can buy such a kit and build a car yourself. Sometimes people start doing this when they want to get a replica of a retro car in their garage. Next, we will list how much it can cost to build a homemade kit car and what is necessary for this.

How much does a kit car cost?

If you search the Internet, you can see many projects of already assembled and functional cars. Yes, it seems incredible to build a replica, but experience has shown that there are craftsmen who can do this. If you search properly, you can find sites where you can buy a kit for $20.000. Besides, this is just a minimum price. You also need to take into account delivery and customs clearance.

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Building a kit car is an expensive and original hobby. First, you need to have a certain amount of money. A kit may not be very expensive, but assembly and repair works will cost a pretty penny. You either need to do it yourself, which will require a lot of free time (at least a year or two) and necessary knowledge, or hire people who are pros in it, what will not be cheap.

In general, a homemade kit car can cost from $ 60.000. Sometimes costs exceed $100.000, depending on a specific configuration. So, the installation of a powerful engine can increase the price by 1.5 times. You also need to take into account the purpose of a kit car. If you do it just for yourself, then one cost, but if you are going to participate in competitions and expos, there will be a completely different price. It all depends on a consumer’s desires, because this homemade car can be built for all tastes and budget.

Another difficulty is to register a kit car. Such a car will be considered self-made, which means that you must pass the full registration and collect the necessary documents, plus mandatory certification from the traffic safety authorities.

It turns out that a kit car is a kind of project for people who love cars and for those who like retro cars and would like to have a replica in their fleet.

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