China-Based BYD Can Conquer the EV Market with its Batteries

Chinese large automaker BYD has launched a strategy to enter the world stage.

BYD is a leading automaker in China. It actively produces electric cars, and also develops innovative batteries and EV platforms. Only the Blade Battery, which was introduced on March 29 this year, deserves a special notice. This battery can withstand great stresses and work in any conditions. Many car manufacturers are already interested in, but this is only the beginning.

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What is more, BYD built the Fudi brand, which consists of five companies. Its main task is to sell batteries and components for electric cars to other manufacturers. At first glance, this seems unimportant for the company’s development, but it is not true. After all, in order to “conquer the world and become the number one", it is necessary to set a benchmark, which is possible only through sharing technologies with other companies.

Any automaker that can make other companies use its technology will have an advantage over them and will be able to determine where that technology advances. Achieving this benchmark will help a company not only to form a strategic point of view but also increase sales volume. For example, Volkswagen sold Beetles and simultaneously sold engines and platforms to other smaller manufacturers. VW intends to repeat the same with its MEB platform, which Ford has already set its sights on. BYD and Toyota founded a company that develops technologies for electric vehicles. Their inventions will be sold through a joint company called FinDreams.

The whole idea is that the company needs to share its technology so that it becomes the standard: Apple made the excellent Mac OS, which brought the company a huge success, Microsoft developed Windows, Sony invented Betamax considered the best video system in the world at the time, and JVC shared the VHS technology with the world. This principle is very effective and it seems that BYD will not set it aside.

In the case of the Blade Battery, if BYD manages to sell it to other companies, it will be responsible not only for the development of the technology but also for a significant market share that it will create. The company can also offer electric engines, inverters and controllers to companies. If these batteries are exactly what they are represented by the manufacturer, they will allow many small automakers to create cheaper electric vehicles, and this is exactly what the market needs today.

Note that the Blade Battery has a very high level of safety, and its life cycle is 8 years or 1.2 million kilometers. The first model to receive the Blade battery will be the Han. The car features a drive range of 605 kilometers and a 0-100 km/h time of 3.9 seconds.

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