Infiniti FX: Get Some Rest and Come Back

How will you remember the Infiniti FX, the production of which has just been discontinued?

The Infiniti FX, which in recent years has been named as the QX70, goes on a well-deserved rest, having lived a life of 14 years on the assembly line. We will not write an obituary on this occasion, but we must remember the main historical stages of the first truly sporty-looking SUV (under the characteristic melody of Nissan’s V6, of course). Or maybe Nissan’s V8?

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As is often the case, the FX started its life with a concept car. The Infiniti FX45 Concept was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in January 2001. This is probably the rare case when the concept turned out to be less successful than the production car. Of course, it had interesting features, like an all-wheel drive system from the Skyline GT-R, a powerful V8, four individual seats, but its design was at least controversial. The prdouction FX was 2 years away...

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The second FX concept was shown a year later at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Now, it was almost indistinguishable from the car that went into production. Yes, in the process of putting on the assembly line, both the spectacular headlights and mufflers integrated into the rear bumper disappeared, but in general, almost the same car went into mass production in 2003. Mamoru Aoki was a designer of the concept and the production FX. It was the first coupe-like SUV on the market (five years before the BMW X6).

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Given that the both prototypes were shown in the United States (and Infiniti was created as an American-oriented brand), it was not surprising that the car appeared only in the US market at firts. In 2003, buyers could choose one of two versions: the FX35 and FX45. The FX35 was equipped with a 3.5-liter V6, and the FX45 – with a 4.5-liter V8. The V6 variant was available with rear-wheel drive: after all, the SUV was initially positioned as a stylish city thingy. But the 45 was only four-wheel drive.

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In 2006, the FX experienced the first planned facelift, which, for the most part, affected only the interior. At the same time, many of the benefits of civilization that were previously in the option list were included in the standard configuration: 10-band seat adjustment, leather upholstery, 7-inch screen in the center of the torpedo, 300-watt Bose audio system.

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The first-generation FX was built on the same platform as the Nissan 350Z. So, the update of 3.5-liter V6 engines of the coupe and SUV took place in parallel: the engines are the same. The booth cars started with 280 hp, but both the FX35 and 350Z had reached 300 hp by the end of their lives.

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In February 2008, sales of the first-generation FX were discontinued. In March, the second generation of the hot car was presented at the GIMS. As it turned out, the FX was liked not only by Americans, because the car had been sold in almost all European countries since 2006. There were still two engines, but the working volume of the V8 was increased, which led to the renaming of the version to the FX50.

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The second-generation FX35 was not long the only six-cylinder engine. In the fall of 2008, the Paris Motor Show unveiled the FX37S with a new 3.7-liter powertrain, which the SUV shared with the co-platform Nissan 370Z. If the both V6s were offered in parallel for some time in the US, the Europeans were left with no choice: either a 3.7-liter V6 or a five-liter V8. A transmission was only a 7-speed automatic one.

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At the end of 2010, responding to the European demands, the Japanese-American brand released the FX30d with a three-liter turbo diesel V6 with 240 hp. This was the first diesel engine in the history of the brand. Since Infiniti highly valued comfort, all efforts were made to reduce the noise and vibration of the engine on «heavy fuel».

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In 2011, the restyling caught up with the second-generation FX. It was possible to identify the updated model by a new radiator grille and slightly adjusted front bumper. The basic configuration was also updated to include GPS, a round-view system, and adaptive headlights.

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At the 2012 GIMS, Infiniti, which at the time was working with the Red Bull Racing team, showed the importance of Sebastian Vettel's two titles by introducing the limited edition of the FX50S Sebastian Vettel. The car received a V8 engine boosted to 420 hp, developed aerodynamics and a reconfigured (with the participation of SEB) chassis. As well as the price forced up to €100,000. Only 200 of these SUVs were built.

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The FX name ceased to be used in 2013 (in accordance with the new Infiniti model labeling policy, the SUV was named the QX70, where a ‘Q’ is the common first letter for the brand's models, an ‘X’ is the class of SUVs, and the number is the class of the model). The QX70 was smaller than the QX80 (formerly QX56), but larger than the QX60 (also known as the JX35). The birth of the QX70 took place at the same 2013 GIMS.

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The QX70 was sold for four years. Now, this model is being discontinued to focus on promoting the QX50 family, which is expected to premiere at the end of this year or early next year. Whether the QX70 will be developed or not is unclear. Given the popularity of the model, Infiniti is clearly worth thinking hard… The FX, we are not saying goodbye to you!

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