The Opel Combo Life for 7 Passengers

Opel Combo Life perfectly embodies the idea of a multi-purpose vehicle. It can become a loyal friend for your extended family, an assistant for private business, and an ideal partner during long trips.

The short hood, large body width, and high roof provide a lot of space for the driver and passengers. In addition, Opel offers two body length options — standard L1 (4.4 m) or increased L2 (4.75 m) – for customer’s operating conditions: compactness for a small town or maximum space and capacity.

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The exterior of the Opel Combo Life has all the characteristic features of the company: slanted headlights with LED elements, large radiator grille with «wings» that continue the lightning logo, and recognizable wheels. Special attention should be paid to the car's capacity: the Opel Combo Life with 5 seats has a luggage compartment of 983 liters. Also, the entire passenger compartment can be equipped with up to 28 boxes and shelves, which are useful for placing small things inside the car.

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The interior is designed with care to provide passengers with comfort during long trips: the front seats are ergonomically designed for better sitting. Three separate rear seats are equipped with Isofix to install three child seats in one row at once. Thanks to the large sliding side doors, it is much easier to get to the second seat row. The impressive car size guarantees free space for passengers. In addition, the Opel Combo Life can also be equipped with 7seats: two additional seats are installed in the rear end. These additional seats can be easily folded and removed if you need to transport bulky items.

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Maximum number of modern technologies

The Opel Combo Life can offer customers an option to choose from two turbocharged diesel engines. The engine range includes a 1.6-liter turbocharged HDi 92 diesel engine that produces 92 hp and 230 Nm. This engine works with a classic 5-speed manual transmission. The second unit is a 1.5-liter turbocharged BlueHDi 130 diesel engine with a maximum power output of 130 hp and 300 Nm. This engine meets the highest environmental requirements and is paired with a very modern 8-speed automatic transmission from AISIN. This combination provides the car with excellent dynamic performance and fuel efficiency; the car consumes about 4.2 liters each 100 km in a mixed cycle.

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The Opel Combo Life features innovative technologies not only under the hood but also in the passenger compartment, e.g. an 8-inch touch screen, which supports Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and allows using a smartphone at ease and with safe. The new car can also be equipped with Traffic Sign Recognition, High Beam Assist, etc.

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