How to Maintain an Air Conditioner in the Car and Why It Is Important

In summer with comfort: recommendations for servicing air conditioning systems and replacing an air filter.

Almost all modern car models are equipped with air conditioning systems. They provide a comfortable temperature in the car in summer and dry the air and prevent fogging of the windshield in winter. In order for the system to work smoothly, it must be checked and maintained at least once a year, preferably on the eve of the onset of summer heat. Malfunctions, lack of refrigerant in the air conditioning system, as well as clogging of the cabin filter affect the quality of cooling air and the appearance of an unpleasant smell inside the car.

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Professional maintenance of the air conditioning system includes:

  • Leak test,
  • Emptying and filling the system with the optimal amount of refrigerant.

The equipment used for this operation allows restoring and reusing up to 99 % of the cooling agent. This makes the maintenance of air conditioners environmentally friendly and saves resources in the long term.

A cabin air filter should be replaced every 15,000 km or once a year

Replacement of an air filter is a mandatory procedure during servicing of the air conditioning system. Bosch recommends changing air filters once a year, or every 15,000 km. Bosch filters reliably clean the air entering the cabin from pollen and fine dust, protect the air conditioning system and improve visibility, reducing the amount of deposits. In addition to conventional filters, Bosch offers activated carbon filters. They retain harmful and unpleasant-smelling gases, thereby reducing the concentration of impurities in the cabin. Bosch has developed a particularly effective type of filters especially for highly allergic individuals – the FILTER+. It separates about 99 % of all particles up to 2.5 microns in diameter. Thanks to the anti-allergenic layer, the filter neutralizes allergens and bacteria even before they enter the cabin. Thus, the FILTER + significantly increases the level of safety on the road. After all, during a sneeze that occurs due to fine dust, the driver, although for a short period, closes his eyes, which increases the risk of accidents.

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Air conditioning systems are an important part of the thermoregulation of electric vehicles

A sound air conditioning system is particularly important for hybrid cars or electric vehicles. After all, in addition to providing a comfortable temperature in the cabin, it plays an important role in the thermoregulation process: it cools batteries and maintains an optimal operating temperature. During the charging process or in the case of fast charging, the air conditioning system cools batteries that would otherwise experience overheating. Thus, air conditioning systems not only extend the battery life, but also make the charging process more efficient.

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