How to Properly Polish a Car

Polishing a car is quite an important process to maintain its body in good condition. You can use a polish to remove scuffs from the paint, but after that you need to perform a final polishing. We will teach you how to do this.

Each owner of the car decides how often to polish the body. Scratches, as they say, do not affect the performance, but they spoil the paintwork — they are a couple of trifles, but it is quite expensive and difficult to remove them. It is much easier to maintain the gloss and color depth with regular polishing.

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You will need a polisher with a set of attachments and a polish. Before you start, you need to thoroughly wash and dry the body. Tape all logos and plastic parts to prevent damage. Attach a polishing pad to the machine and spread a polish around the pad. Make sure that the pad is evenly pressed against the body surface.

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A polish must first be rubbed on the surface at low speeds, while gradually increasing it. During the process, adjust the speed and pressure by working on a section of about 50 x 50 centimeters. Try to avoid visible transitions from one polished area to another. Do not polish the same place for too long and avoid overheating the coat.

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When you finish, wipe the body with a microfiber towel and check the result by examining the surface at different lighting angles and repeat the process if necessary. Polishing can vary significantly depending on a paint condition, a polisher, a pad, and much more.

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