How to Wash a Car Properly

Every car owner needs to wash their car at different intervals. Here, the question arises - how often does the car need to be washed and what is the best way to wash it?

Car washing is an art. After all, every time the driver has to choose from different washing options, as well as different tools and detergents. On how to make the right choice and what car wash is better to contact with – read below.

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What washing options are there?

Types of car wash:

  • Touchless: removal of dirt with special contactless detergents and powerful pressure washers.
  • Friction: mechanical cleaning of dirt with a brush, sponge, cloth and other means.
  • Handwash: manual car washing by employees using water, specialized chemicals and a sponge.
  • Dry (polymer, gel): a gel-based product is sprayed on the car. After a couple of minutes, the dirt begins to soften. Then, it is wiped with a cloth and a protective layer is applied on top.
  • Self-service: you pay only for washing time. There are several functions: wax, osmosis, active foam, water with foam, water. Low cost and high speed.
  • Tunnel: a conveyor with several arches: with brushes, active foam, drying, pressure washers.
  • Portal: an automated arch installation. It can be friction (with brushes) and touchless (with pressure washers).
  • Steam: an eco-washing system without detergents and with a small amount of water that turns into steam and cleans not only the body but also the interior.
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What material is better to wash the car with?

There are specialized consumables for car washing:

  • sponges made of durable foam with large pores: they absorb liquid and retain small abrasive debris, due to which they practically do not scratch the surface of the car;
  • cloths have a low water absorption capacity and retain abrasive debris on the paintwork;
  • towels are expensive consumables, the best choice of which is suede.

What detergent to use?

It is necessary to use only car chemicals for washing. Among the specialized detergents, the following ones can be distinguished:

  • 3M (USA);
  • MA-FRA (Italy);
  • Sonax and Liqui Moly (Germany);
  • Doctor Wax, Hi-Gear, Meguiar's and ABRO (UK).

Where you should and shouldn't wash your car

In an effort to save money, do not wash your cars yourself. Please note that poorly performed and unprofessional procedure will damage the paint coating of the car. As a result, the body may be chipped and scratched, and then rust. Over time, the consequences will be even more disastrous. It is best to use a friction, touchless or portal method.

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How to choose a car wash?

In order to choose a car wash, study locations and prices (a cheap one means no high quality). Before you choose a place where you will wash your car, look at the reviews and also specify what tools are used for the procedure. To make your car last a long time and look attractive, make a responsible choice.

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The use of modern equipment and specialized consumables will guarantee the durability of your car. If possible, choose a touchless car wash.

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