Top-5 Biggest Mistakes You Should Never Make When Driving a Manual Transmission Car

We present a selection of the most common driving mistakes that cause damage to a manual transmission car.

Top-5 Biggest Mistakes You Should Never Make When Driving a Manual Transmission Car photo 2

Driving at high speeds

The best friend of the driver is moderate driving. If you constantly move at high speeds, then there is accelerated wear of the clutch. The most striking sign that everything has become quite bad will be the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the cabin.

Incomplete stop

A number of drivers make the very serious mistake of not waiting for the car to stop completely before starting in reverse gear. If you try to switch to it when you are not at rest, you will hear a characteristic rasp. This is the sound of gears breaking. In the end, there is a risk of breaking the entire gear box.

Hand on the lever

If you constantly keep your hand on the lever of your manual transmission car, then this can cause accelerated wear of the forks and clutches in the box. Finally, do not forget that such behavior on the road is simply dangerous. You should hold both hands on the steering wheel most of the time. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting into an accident.

Insufficient push

This is another very common mistake, especially among beginners. An insufficient push on the clutch pedal makes the transmission overheat and gradually fall into disrepair. Most often, an insufficient push on the clutch pedal occurs when the car is moving on an uneven surface. In such situations, you should be careful and have some experience.

Jumping between gears

What every driver knows, and what some people sometimes forget, is that the transmission must always match the selected speed. For this reason, it is not necessary to jump between gears, so as not to accelerate the wear of the gearbox and engine of the car.

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