Worst and Best Tires for SUVs

AutoBild has tested ten sets of new non-studded tires.

AutoBild has selected 10 sets of new non-studded 225/55 R17 tires and has tested them on SUVs on different surfaces: ice, snow, wet and dry asphalt. A rating of the best and worst tires for this car segment has been compiled based on the test results.

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Expensive and low-cost tires of different brands, the price difference between which reaches 63 percent, were chosen specifically for the experiment. Each set was awarded one of four ratings: “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory” and “not recommended for purchase”.

So, the best models are Goodyear UltraGrip Performance +, Bridgestone Blizzak LM005, Michelin Alpine 6 and Vredestein Wintrac Pro, and the worst tires are of the Chinese brand Syron.

GoodyearUltraGrip Performance +Excellent
BridgestoneBlizzak LM005Excellent
MichelinAlpin 6Excellent
VredesteinWintrac ProExcellent
ToyoObserve S944Good
DunlopWinter Sport 5Good
UniroyalMS plus 77Satisfactory
MaxxisPremitra Snow WP6Satisfactory
SyronEverest 1 PlusNot recommended
DuraturnMozzo WinterNot recommended

The tires that earned the highest rating are praised for their short braking distance on the asphalt surface, as well as for good grip on slippery roads: this is distinguished by Goodyear and Bridgestone. Michelin, in turn, has proved to be the most wear resistant and worthy of acceleration and braking in the snow. Vredestein is noted for its accuracy in the corners and at high speeds, and Toyo — for its resistance to aquaplaning. Praise is also given to the low-cost brand Maxxis: the experts note its progress in production.

One of the outsiders of the rating, Syron Everest 1 Plus, showed a bad result on the asphalt: the braking distance of the SUV shod in these tires was 58.5 meters at 100 km/h, which was 15 meters more than that of Bridgestone. There is also nothing special about the Duraturn Mozze Winter kit.

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