This 40-Year-Old Aston Martin Bulldog Is About to Set a Speed Record

The British has decided to do the impossible and restore the Aston Martin Bulldog, a unique concept.

Such intentions were voiced by Classic Motor Cars. Its employees have been engaged in their favorite business – the restoration of iconic cars for more than a year. And this time, they have decided to do the impossible — to restore the unique Aston Martin Bulldog. The concept could have set a speed record 40 years ago. That is when the manufacturer built its Bulldog.

This 40-Year-Old Aston Martin Bulldog Is About to Set a Speed Record photo 2

The car represented a two-seat coupe, which was equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 with a power output of 608 hp and 678 Nm. At that time, the car with five retractable headlights and wing doors was planned to be released in a limited edition (about a maximum of 25 units). The Aston Martin Bulldog was positioned as the fastest production car. Then it was necessary to overcome the mark of 322 km/h. The engineers thought that the coupe could easily cope with 381 km/h, but in fact, it managed to achieve only 307 km/h. The work was in full swing, but everything had to stop because of the decision of the new chairman of the board of Aston Martin, Victor Gauntlett. He considered the project excessively expensive.

The production two-door model was not released. The only built copy was sold to a collector, after which it changed many owners. Its design left much to be desired. Now, a new owner of the car wants to restore it and do what the engineers failed to achieve – accelerate it to 322 km/h. It was with this request that he turned to Classic Motor Cars.

This 40-Year-Old Aston Martin Bulldog Is About to Set a Speed Record photo 3

Despite the good intentions to revive the Aston Martin Bulldog, there are a number of problems. The first is the lack of technical documentation. The company asks everyone to help. `for example, to share data and photos of the car. Classic Motor Cars still hopes to restore the former look of the two-door car, using modern components but retaining the original architecture and design. The missing elements are planned to be manufactured independently.

According to preliminary estimates, it will take 18 months to restore the car.

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