520-km Volkswagen ID.4 Unveiled

The ID.4 will be the first global electric car of the German brand.

Volkswagen has introduced the ID.4, which will be available worldwide. The car has inherited the spirit of the ID.3, which is the first model from the ID family, as well as a 520-km drive range and a rich list of advanced technologies.

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The SUV, as well as the younger model, is based on the modular MEB platform and reaches a length of 4,584 mm, a width of 1,852 mm, a height of 1,612 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,766 mm,. Its trunk capacity varies from 543 to 1,575 liters (with the rear seats folded). The wheel size is from 19 to 21 inches.

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Fully LED headlights and 3D-patterned taillights are available in the initial configuration of the ID.4. IQ.Light headlights with automatic high beam switching are available for a surcharge.

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The interior has a minimum of physical buttons. The ID.4 is equipped with a 5.3-inch digital dashboard and a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is also controlled by voice commands. Optionally, you can install a projection display with AR that displays GPS on the windshield.

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The list of equipment also includes adaptive cruise control, park assist, and front seats with massage and “smart” lighting with 30 colors to choose from. It can notify you of locked doors and incoming calls and also advise you to change the lane to the correct one, using GPS.

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The electric SUV will be sold in two versions: with one motor and rear-wheel drive, and with two motors (one on each axle). The RWD ID.4 has three engines to choose from: 148 hp and 220 Nm, 175 hp and 310 Nm, and 204 hp and 310 Nm.

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The latter option is already available for ordering. The SUV accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 km/h.

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The standard units are powered by a 55-kWh battery that provides a 360-km drive range. The 204-hp engine is equipped with a 77-kWh battery that will allow you to drive up to 520 km on a single charge.

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The AWD version will get a top-end battery and two electric motors, the total output of which will be 306 hp. A battery of the ID.4 can be recharged for driving another 320 km in 30 minutes through fast charging, and a full charge will take 7.5 hours.

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The Volkswagen ID.4 will assemble at the factory in Zwickau, Germany, where other ID models are also produced.3. In the future, the SUV will be built China and in the United States.

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Preorders for the model are already open in Germany: the standard version costs €43,229, and the top-end one — €58,438. Deliveries will begin at the end of this year.

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