A Man Implants a Tesla Key in His Hand

A long time ago, happy owners of a new car received two keys - one for unlocking the doors, and the other for turning the engine over. Those days are gone.

Today, you can open your car and turn the engine over without a physical key at all. It is enough to have an electronic chip in your pocket or use your smartphone. But even this seems archaic to some.

Ben Workman has joined the ranks of cyborgs with built-in electronics. He implanted an RFID microchip from his Tesla Model 3’s key card under the skin of his hand. It is impossible to lose a key this way. But what to do with a chip when it is time to buy a new car?

Local Fox affiliate Fox 13 reports that it was not easy for Ben to find specialists to perform the operation. Doctors, veterinarians, and even piercing studios said no to him. However, the persistent technomaniac still found another piercing studio where they agreed to perform the necessary operation. Interestingly, this is not the first such experience for Ben – he implanted a magnet in the other hand, with which he shows various tricks.

Ben Workman followed the example of blogger Amie DD, who may have become the first person with a Tesla key implanted in a hand.

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