A New Level of Quality: the Chinese Rival of the Mercedes S-Class

China-based Hongqi has presented its flagship model, the H9. The task of the car is ambitious: it has to act as a rival to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in its domestic market.

As ABOUTCARS found out, the manufacturer positions its new sedan as the most expensive and luxurious passenger car available to a wide range of customers, not just to the party elite (more on this later).

Hongqi H9 Hongqi H9

The car has every chance to compete with the famous German model. Hongqi (which means «red flag») has great prestige in China. The company produced luxury limousines for the Chinese government (the Communist Party of China). Moreover, the new model looks expensive in every aspect. Its ultimate luxury has already been noted not only by Chinese journalists but also by foreign media.

The Hongqi H9 has a recognizable and carefully designed exterior that resembles some Rolls-Royce models from the front and Audi models from the back. The company's design with a U-shaped radiator grille and narrow headlights will be used in other cars in the future. For now, the H9 is the only model that has tried out the new style.

Inside, the new sedan’s trim amazes with leather, wood, polished aluminum, as well as wool carpets. All the necessary information is displayed only on touch pads.

As for the technical part, the Hongqi H9 is built on a rear-wheel drive platform with air suspension. There are two petrol engines available. The first is a 2-liter engine which produces 252 hp (380 Nm); the second is a 3-liter unit with a power output of 272 hp (400 Nm). They will work together with an 8-speed preselector automatic transmission.

The Chinese car will be available starting from May 2020. By the way, Hongqi intends to bring 21 more new models to the market by 2025.

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