A Supersonic Car Accelerates to More Than 1000 Kilometers per Hour

A supersonic car - the Bloodhound LSR - managed to accelerate to 1010 km/h during tests in the desert in South Africa. Now the Bloodhound LSR team has shared a 360-degree video of the race, taken from the cockpit.

The Bloodhound LSR, which produces 135.000 hp, is being tested in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, where the team attempts to set a new land speed record.

During a recent race held in November, the Bloodhound LSR driven by Andy Green was able to accelerate to about 1.010 km/h. Now the team has shared a video of the test race, which was shot from the cockpit. The video is 360-degree, which means it can be rotated from the driver’s face to the windshield.

Next year, the Bloodhound LSR is expected to break the current land speed record set 22 years ago at 1.228 km/h. Then, if successful, the team will try to accelerate the car to more than 1.609 km/h (1.000 mph).

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