Americans Vote to Extend Auto Repair Shop Rights

The State of Massachusetts has passed a number of amendments in the field of car repair.

Massachusetts residents voted to extend the law on the right to repair cars. Now, the law includes telematics data.

Americans Vote to Extend Auto Repair Shop Rights photo 2

The ‘right to repair’ law has been in effect in Massachusetts since 2012. It requires automakers to provide vehicle owners and independent auto repair shops with access to the same diagnostic and repair information that official dealerships use. In fact, this was a step to ensure that dealerships could not monopolize the car repair segment. The law was passed by the vast majority of the state's residents but things have changed since then: cars have become much more complex and advanced, so it is time to make some amendments.

In 2019, lawmakers proposed adding telematics data, which is generated by a vehicle and covers literally everything from mileage and fuel level to engine speed, GPS information, crash notifications and more, to the law. Telematics data is collected by manufacturers and most of them consider this information their property. Massachusetts authorities considered this a restriction on the rights of independent auto repair shops and more than 75 percent of residents agreed with them. The amendments take effect from model year 2022.