An Electric Fire Truck on the Roads of Amsterdam

The Netherlands Fire Service will test a hybrid fire truck.

The fire truck, which will be tested in Amsterdam, is produced by Austria-based Rosenbauer. The truck will mostly work on its own electric powertrain but it is also equipped with a diesel generator — in case more power to extinguish a fire is needed.

Rosenbauer Rosenbauer

This car is based on the Concept Fire Truck (CFT), which was introduced in 2016, but it has received a larger power drive. Specific characteristics are not announced but it is known that the concept could travel 30 kilometers on a single charge. It is noted that the car has a Wi-Fi module on board, which makes it possible to remotely control various functions, including the control of fire-fighting drones.

As stated, Rosenbauer will have to hand over the hybrid car for tests to the fire service at the end of 2020.

Rosenbauer Rosenbauer

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