Aston Martin not to Release the Rapide E

There is information on the Internet that Aston Martin will not launch mass production of the Rapide E.

Aston Martin will not launch the Rapide E. It is indicated that the prototype, which is almost ready for mass production, will only be a research project to broader vehicle electrification program. On it informs Autocar referring to a source close to the company.

Aston Martin not to Release the Rapide E photo 2

In the spring of this year, it was noted that the Rapide E would soon be produced in St Athan. Aston Martin planned to release 155 copies. What will eventually become of the model is not yet clear. It is worth waiting for official information from Aston Martin.

The Rapide E is equipped with two electric engines capable of producing 610 hp and 950 Nm. The battery pack capacity is 65 kwhr. The drive range, according to Aston Martin, is 322 km (WLTP).

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