Audi AI TRAIL Quattro: a Fantastic Concept for a Vibrant SUV of the future

This prototype includes a lot of unusual features for today, but over time they will become an integral part of transport.

Is it a Mars rover? A moon bike? A camper van or SUV? A little of everything. The Audi AI TRAIL Quattro concept forces us to embrace the future.

Two windshields, unusual wheels with no arches, the owner's smartphone as a dashboard and part of the vehicle's onboard system, artificial intelligence with autopilot and electric powertrain, onboard reconnaissance drones, four-point seat belts, removable light rear seats, and a trunk on a transparent roof… The concept designers seem to have found a way to travel through time and had a sneaky peek at a few in the future. They just took the AI TRAIL Quattro with them, coming back to our time.

The AI TRAIL powertrain consists of four electric motor wheels that produce 435 hp. The Battery, placed in the floor, allows you to drive up to 500 km on a flat surface and up to 250 km on rough terrain. At the same time, the adaptive suspension and tire pressure monitoring system, which adjusts to the type of surface, help in off-road driving.

The artificial intelligence of the concept is characterized by an adequate assessment of its own capabilities and if it is able to take one hundred percent of control on the highway, then it will give control to the driver on the off-road.

The car with a high cab and a large glass area has excellent visibility. But if it is impossible to drive up to some object, reconnaissance drones will come to the rescue. There are 5 of them on board. They are equipped with cameras and lights and can find and illuminate the road ahead, transmitting the image to the on-board monitor – that is, the owner's smartphone.

Upon arrival at destination, the AI: TRAIL Quattro can be used to set up a camp. The rear seats, which are designed as hammocks, can be removed from the passenger compartment. The internal lamps made in the form of portable lanterns with built-in action cameras can also be removed. Well, dirty luggage can be hidden in a special insulated compartment in the back of the body.

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