Audi’s Electric Vehicle Requires Oil Change

One owner of an Audi e-tron suddenly noticed a dashboard warning to change oil after 200 miles.

Due to the lack of an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles contain much fewer components and assemblies that require regular maintenance. Despite this, they still need to visit a service center to undergone a number of procedures at a certain period of time.

Audi’s Electric Vehicle Requires Oil Change photo 2

The on-board computer reminds the owner of the service interval and the need for maintenance, but the widespread unification of components sometimes leads to funny embarrassments.

For example, the Audi e-tron has begun to offer its owners to change oil that is not in the car at all. Obviously, the incorrect message is caused by the fact that the e-tron has the same dashboard unit as that of the standard Audi models. The company replies that they are aware of this problem and have already fixed more recent releases of electric cars by updating the software.

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