Functional Design of BMW iX3 Wheels

The wheels of the new BMW EVs will be functional, large and beautiful.

The EV wheels are narrower and larger than those of conventional petrol-diesel cars. At the same time, there is a tendency to use larger wheels for production cars, almost like for exhibition concepts. Designers love it, but engineers don't. They know how to make the most of the wheel.

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The all-electric BMW iX3 will be released at the end of this year. It will start the brand’s new EV era. The iX3 will be followed by the i4, iNext and other numerous i-models. It will also be the first to receive the BMW Aerodynamic Wheel (new wheels designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce weight). The both factors also affect a drive range, dynamics and maneuverability.

The efficiency of the BMW Aerodynamic Wheel is compared to the standard wheels of the regular BMW X3:

  • rolling resistance – less than 5%;
  • weight – less by 15%;
  • fuel efficiency – less by 2%, or about 10 additional km to a drive range.
BMW iX3Functional Design of BMW iX3 Wheels photo 5Functional Design of BMW iX3 Wheels photo 6Functional Design of BMW iX3 Wheels photo 7BMW iX3BMW iX3

The BMW Aerodynamic Wheel is not a single wheel but a general concept based on the use of a light aluminum alloy and an aerodynamic design. Moreover, each client will be able to influence the design of the Aerodynamic Wheel: choose inserts in different styles, change the color, texture, pattern, and apply drawings.

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