Bentley to Abandon W12 Engine

The engine of an exotic configuration will soon be history.

According to Bentley’s new development strategy, all models of the British brand will be electrified by 2026, which means the end of the W12 engine.

Bentley to Abandon W12 Engine photo 2

The world's only production W12 engine is a unique development of the Volkswagen Group. It was released in 2001 and has since been used for the Audi A8 and almost all Bentley models (the Bentayga, Continental GT and Flying Spur). The engine with minor modifications has survived to the present day but now a dark cloud is hovering over it: according to Autoblog, Bentley is preparing to abandon the W12 and it seems that it will not also be used for Audi cars. At a press conference on the future of the luxury brand, Bentley announced its full car electrification plan by 2026.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said that all the company's models would be either hybrids or electric vehicles in 6 years. The W12 engine has never been a hybrid in its long career. So, the exotic engine configuration will be completely excluded from Bentley’s model range by 2026. The reason for this is primarily due to the constant tightening of emission standards, which make it more and more difficult and expensive to fit the 6.0-liter turbo engine into. According to Hallmark, 55 percent of Bentley’s customers are already ready to buy an electric model.

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