Bentley to Return the 1929 Model

Bentley’s engineers have created a 3D model of the original 1929 Team Blower, which was driven by racing driver Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin.

The Bentley Blower Continuation project, within the framework of which the iconic Team Blower of Sir Henry «Tim» Birkin will be recreated, was announced in the fall of 2019. Bentley produced 4 such cars in total. At the moment, these 4 cars are considered the rarest models of the brand. By the 100th anniversary of the company, it was decided to release 12 more replicas by the number of races in which the 4 original cars took part.

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At this stage, Bentley’s commissioning department Mulliner has created a 3D model of the car through the computer-aided design (CAD) system. This digital model will serve as a technical prototype for new Team Blowers. Digitization was handled by two specialists who worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. This process took 1200 man-hours.

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The Team Blower No 2 — the most successful of the four cars — with the chassis number HB 3403 was used to create this 3D model. 630 components and 70 blocks in total were scanned by lasers. The original casting molds, tooling, and tools from the ‘20s will be used to make them, apart from minor changes that must meet modern security requirements. Technically and externally, the replicas will be as close as possible to the original. Mulliner’s specialists will start assembling a «zero» prototype, also known as the Car Zero, in the near future.

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Like the original Team Blower, the replicas will be equipped with a 4-cylinder 16-valve engine with an aluminum crankcase, cast-iron cylinder liners and a non-removable cast-iron cylinder head. The engine’s turbocharger is an exact copy of the Mk IV Roots-type blower. Thanks to it, the engine with a volume of 4398 cc can produce 240 hp at 4200 rpm. The replicas will be based on a stamped steel frame with semi-elliptical spring suspension and original Bentley & Draper shock absorbers. The equipment will also include the original steering mechanism and 400-mm mechanical Bentley-Perrot drum brakes.

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Mulliner’s team will also restore and assemble the original No 2. The 90-year-old car still regularly participates in various events, e.g. the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In 2019, it could be seen at the final stage of the 2019 Mille Miglia race and at the elegance competition in Pebble Beach, where the car appeared in the company of two more Team Blowers.

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