Black Bison: Toyota Shows a Unique Pickup Truck

Body-on-frame pickups are another passion of tuning studios.

Their impressive size, reliability and power make it possible to implement the most daring ideas. The Toyota Hilux is a favorite one among these pickups.

Black Bison: Toyota Shows a Unique Pickup Truck photo 2

Japan-based Wald International, which is known for quite extravagant projects, also took on the revision of the legendary pickup truck. As a result, the Toyota Hilux Sports Line Black Bison Edition has been released. The pickup looks like it has swallowed a Ford Ranger for breakfast. A unique bumper, modified radiator grille, hood vents and wide fenders give it a formidable appearance. Moreover, a new body kit makes the car 55 mm wider than the standard model.

The pickup has also received a rear spoiler, roof-mounted spoiler lights, a tri-pipe side exhaust system, extended wheel arches, and massive 20 or 22-inch Jarret 1PC alloy wheels. The jet black body emphasizes all the improvements.

The car’s release dates and price tag have not yet been disclosed.

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