BMW Has Stopped Work on a New Hybrid

The BMW Vision M Next concept will not be produced.

Initially, the Vision M Next project was conceived by the company as the successor to the i8 hybrid and M1 supercar, but it was decided to scrap the project. Presented last year, the new model will remain a concept. There are several reasons for this.

BMW Vision M Next BMW Vision M Next

It is worth noting that according to the manufacturer's idea, the Vision M Next was supposed to be a replacement for the i8 and play the role of a successor to the M1, which the brand produced from 1978 to 1981. But none of this is going to happen.

According to insider information, there are at least two reasons for scraping the project. First, BMW’s management considered such a project too risky. According to the company's analysts, sales of the new car will not allow recouping the money spent on it. Profit is out of the question. The second reason is the coronavirus pandemic, which has made adjustments to the plans of all car manufacturers and BMW is no exception.

BMW Vision M Next BMW Vision M Next

Besides, the company stated that the BMW M8 copes with the role of a supercar. In addition, there is a certain probability that the manufacturer will return to the project in the future, when the situation on the market and in the automotive industry will change for the better.

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