BMW Preparing a Rear-Wheel Drive SUV

The BMW iX3 electric car will only be available with rear-wheel drive.

The German brand is actively breaking stereotypes in new models — passenger cars are moving from a rear-wheel-drive platform to a front-wheel-drive one and SUVs are becoming rear-wheel drive. The upcoming electric car BMW iX3 will be one of those rear-wheel drive SUVs.

BMW Preparing a Rear-Wheel Drive SUV photo 2

Production of the model will begin in 2020. The electric car will get a 286-hp engine and a 74-kwhr battery that will provide a drive range of at least 440 km. The new car will be equipped with a 5-gen BMW eDrive powertrain, which combines an electric motor, transmission and power electronics in one unit.

The electric SUV will be exclusively rear-wheel drive and single-engine. All-wheel drive configurations with two engines are not planned. With the upcoming release of the iX3, BMW stressed that the X3 series will become the first in the company's history model line available both with a traditional ICE (gasoline or diesel) and in the form of a rechargeable hybrid in a fully electric configuration.

BMW Preparing a Rear-Wheel Drive SUV photo 3

It should be reminded that the BMW iX3 concept car was presented at the Beijing Motor Show in 2018. Currently, the company's engineers are testing the electric car before launching it into production, which will be set up at the BMW Brilliance Automotive plant in Shenyang, China.

BMW Preparing a Rear-Wheel Drive SUV photo 4

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