BMW iX to Be More Expensive Than X5

The price of a full-size electric BMW has been revealed.

The BMW iX, which will offer a choice of three powertrains, will be significantly more expensive than the same sized X5 model.

BMW iX to Be More Expensive Than X5 photo 2

The official premiere of the new electric crossover may take place next month but its cost has already been revealed by insiders. According to BMW Blog with reference to its own sources in the company, the electric BMW iX will be more expensive than the X5: the top-end version of the EV will cost more than $100,000 in the United States. The cost of the most expensive BMW X5 — the M50i version — is $82,000.

The iX will be the first BMW model with a 3 Level autopilot and will be positioned as a showcase of the Bavarian brand's technological achievements. Despite the significant difference in cost with the same sized X5, the Tesla Model X, which is considered the main competitor of the iX, costs about the same in the US ($95,000 the Performance version). Production of the BMW iX is scheduled to start in November 2021 but the official price list will be published earlier.

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