BMW Says Goodbye to Petrol Engines

It seems that the BMW Group is ready to completely switch to electric cars and hybrids.

The German automaker released a slew of financial reports, marking the end of the 2019 financial year with news of rising profits. The group's revenue, which includes BMW's car and motorcycle divisions, as well as Mini and Rolls-Royce, exceeded €100 billion for the first time.

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The company is already talking about a revolution in the field of automotive production, which will begin in 2021, when BMW will abandon 50% of conventional powertrains in favor of electric motors. What exactly does this mean? The reports do not include details about specific models, but the transition to electrification is obvious. Starting in 2021, BMW will take larger steps to move from internal combustion engine systems to hybrid and electric ones. This does not mean that half of its current models will disappear, but it is obvious that a number of popular vehicles will be considerably reduced. It should also be noted that this news applies to the entire BMW Group, not just to BMW.

BMW's electric models are ready to take over the market. The i3 is expected to run until 2024, and we have already seen the electric Mini Cooper. The new ix3 SUV is due to be released next year in Europe. BMW recently unveiled the i4 concept with details about a production model that is due to be released in 2021. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the iNext SUV, which is also expected by the beginning of next year. To date, only the i3 is an all-electric model, while the other plug-in cars still have siblings with an internal combustion engine. However, BMW says the days of these cars are numbered.

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