BMW to Produce ICEs for Another 30 Years

BMW's R&D head Klaus Froehlich has said that the company is going to produce fuel-powered engines for at least another 30 years.

Despite the trend towards vehicle electrification, BMW is not going to give up on the old combustion engine very soon.

BMW to Produce ICEs for Another 30 Years photo 2

According to R&D head Klaus Froehlich, BMW will produce diesel engines for another 20 years and petrol engines for at least 30 years (his statement from Automotive News Europe). At the same time, Froehlich says that the V12s and V8s “may not have a future”.

Among other things, Froehlich has noted that BMW plans to update the CLAR in 2021. The updated platform, according to Froehlich, will allow the company’s plug-in hybrids to have a drive range of 80, 100 and 120 km in all-electric mode.

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