BMW to Curtail Production of the i8 Roadster

BMW has announced its decision to withdraw the hybrid i8 from production.

The production of the model will be phased out in April this year.

BMW i8 BMW i8

The BMW i8 will leave the market due to the fact that the manufacturer plans to focus on the production of new electric models, such as the iX3 and the i4, as well as the flagship iNext.

The company intends to release a new sports car based on the Vision M Next Concept in the next five years.

The exact date for the end of production of the BMW i8 will be announced later. Until the end of February, the company will still accept orders for the car. But some European BMW dealerships have already started offering the i8 at significantly reduced prices.

The BMW i8 was first presented at the 2009 International Motor Show Germany. The model went on sale in 2014.

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