BMW’s Electronics Go Crazy in South Korea

BMW owners complain of glitches in the operating system.

It has been reported in social networks that BMW cars equipped with iDrive 7.0 are experiencing problems with electronics when driving in the Gangwon-do province in South Korea. In particular, there is a problem with GPS.

BMW’s Electronics Go Crazy in South Korea photo 2

The problems with electronics begin when BMW cars are approaching the Gangwon-do province located in South Korea. According to BMW owners, the software begins to behave oddly. GPS, Apple CarPlay and some driver assistants also fail, in addition to the problems with iDrive 7.0.

According to experts, the failures can be caused by the on-board modem, which cannot cope with the traffic in the Gangwon-do province for an unknown reason. This leads to data processing failure, which causes many system glitches.

BMW said that they had previously released a software update that had allowed fixing errors. The owners who installed the update say that this only makes the situation even worse. Meanwhile, a BMW owner in the United States faced similar problems with the operating system crash. According to him, he handed the car to the service center but the problem has not yet been solved.

In August, Tesla owners complained about a strange glitch in the official app. Because of this error, the app listed other people's EVs, even sometimes several of them at once.

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