Bosch Presents a Smart Sun Visor

Bosch has presented a prototype of an adaptive sun visor for cars that can partially darken by tracking the position of the driver's eyes.

Sun visors protect drivers from being blinded but at the same time they obscure a fair portion of the driver's sight. Research shows that bright light increases the likelihood of a serious accident by 16% compared to normal lighting. Bosch has developed a smart sun visor that protects the driver from being blinded but does not block the rest of the driver’s sight.

Bosch Presents a Smart Sun Visor photo 2

The visor represents an LCD divided into hexagonal sectors. They are usually semi-transparent but can become completely opaque if necessary. The visor works together with a camera located in the passenger compartment, which is necessary to track the position of the driver's head.

Based on data from the camera, the system calculates the position of the driver’s face and accordingly blocks the exact part of the LCD where the Sun would be hitting. The visor is still a prototype, so it will have to undergo several more upgrades before it can be used in actual cars.

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