Brabham Automotive Turns 2 Years

The firm is confident about the future and is building ambitious plans.

In May 2018, Brabham Automotive become known to the world thanks to the launch of the Brabham BT62 sports car. The colorful presentation was held in London, because the company is British-Australian. The company’s founder David Brabham, the son of the same Sir Jack Brabham, is three-time world champion of Formula One racing and owner of the eponymous racing team.

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The establishment and development of Brabham Automotive have fallen on difficult times, especially now, because of the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, Brabham Automotive is the only OEM in Australia. The newly built 2500-m2 factory is a brand new workspace covering the development, design, production and assembly of both components and vehicles.

The factory features many workshops from chassis construction to final assembly and inspection: a specialized workshop for composite element production, an engineering office, 3D printing equipment, as well as a special customer area. It is also home to the Fusion Composites, which supplies Brabham Automotive with carbon fiber components. In addition, Fusion Composites also serves the growing demand for lightweight materials in other industries, such as the aerospace industry.

Brabham’s staff is also growing: experienced engineers and developers from McLaren, Aston Martin, Ferrari, General Motors, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Lotus, Mercedes AMG, Tesla, Volvo, V8 Supercars and Virgin Formula E, who are working on design and production of Brabham cars in Adelaide and Brabham Motorsport.

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Nowadays, Automotive Brabham’s main development is the 2018 Brabham BT62. It is a mid-engined sports car with a 591-hp V8 unit. Through the use of composite materials, the car is very light – it weighs less than a ton. In terms of power-to-weight ratio, the BT62 surpasses many of its rivals.

In 2019, the car debuted in the Britcar Endurance Championship and immediately marked a victory. Continuing to participate in this championship, Brabham Motorsport also aims to participate in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The progress Brabham Automotive has made over the last two years is a source of great satisfaction. From launch to production and now delivering to customers, we can be very proud of where we are to today as a business. My father won the British Grand Prix in a Brabham at Brands Hatch in 1966, so for me to win in our own Competition Spec Brabham BT62 on its racing debut was something very special. We made history. Competing and then winning the Le Mans 24hrs with a Brabham is our Motorsport goal. The challenge awaits,

said David Brabham, Sporting Director of Brabham Motorsport.

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