Innovative Puncture-proof Bridgestone Wheels

The primary purpose of these wheels is commercial transport, motor vehicles and bicycles.

We will be able to test them for the first time during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Innovative Puncture-proof Bridgestone Wheels photo 2

It seems that Japan-based Bridgestone is going to beat its French rival Michelin in the commercialization of puncture-proof wheels.

Michelin and General Motors have previously announced that they will start equipping production passenger cars with innovative Uptis wheels no earlier than 2025. Bridgestone is starting to conquer the market from now on and the company’s first step will be to provide the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo with bicycles that feature puncture-proof wheels.

Bridgestone’s wheels do not have a chamber with air. Therefore, they do not require pumping and are not afraid of sharp objects. In addition, due to their structure, such wheels have high cushioning qualities.

It is worth noting that the history of tubeless frame wheels was started by Michelin with introduction of Tweel in 2005. Later, the production of similar wheels under the name X-Tweel was launched for forklift trucks.

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