The British Shows the Land Rover Defender for 320.000 Dollars

The tuning-company Overfinch has turned a short-wheelbase SUV into a very expensive and exclusive thing, the owner of which is unlikely to want to wade through mud on it.

Overfinch is one of the most famous tuning-companies that specialize in the Land Rover and Range Rover. The latest work by British craftsmen to turn the Defender 90 into a «land yacht» looks really impressive. The more striking thing is the cost of the project at £239.900 pounds.

Overfinch Land Rover Defender 90 Overfinch Land Rover Defender 90

The Defender 90 was turned into a two-seat pickup convertible by Overfinch. There is a «safe» made of teak wood for yachts behind the seats. The roof is soft, removable and attached to a massive cage of the safety frame. Exterior changes also include two-tone body paint, an SVX radiator grille and 18-inch wheels.

The interior was finished with high-quality leather. Standard seats were replaced with sports seats by Recaro and modified by Overfinch. The tuners also replaced such components as door handles, gearshift, handbrake, pedals and indicator dials with chrome plated parts.

The biggest changes are hidden under the hood with the inscription Overfinch. The tuners placed there a 6.2-liter V8 engine from GM, connected to an automatic transmission. Although information about the engine performance has not been revealed yet, so we can assume that the motor produces about 450 hp, which should be more than enough for the small Defender. The maximum speed is limited to 177 km/h, which can be considered as a wise move, taking into account the old Defender's lack of modern security systems and electronic assistants.

Overfinch Land Rover Defender 90 Overfinch Land Rover Defender 90

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