Low-Cost Renaults to Become Electric

According to SVP, Chairman of Europe Region Groupe Renault Philippe Buros, the Dacia model line will receive electric cars in a few years.

Renault plans to add electric cars to Dacia’s model line. It should be reminded that popular low-cost models — the Duster, the Logan, the Sandero, the Lodgy and the Dokker — are sold under the Dacia brand in the European market.

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The commercial success of the brand is due to advantageous correlation of price and quality, but the constant tightening of environmental regulations requires changes to the existing model range. According to SVP Philippe Buros, Dacia will soon become an electrified brand using the technology of the parent company Renault.

The main selling point for Dacia is “value for money,” and as part of that Dacia takes technology that Renault has, but after a delay. So, Dacia will pick up everything that Renault has in terms of electrification, because we will be required to electrify the brand, either with full-electric cars or hybrids. It’s true that Dacia is not electric today but there are many brands in Europe that aren’t electric, either. I think that everyone will have to go electric because it’s an underlying trend,

said Philippe Buros.

Renault / Dacia Duster Renault / Dacia Duster

According to Philippe Buros, when Dacia first entered the European market, the main buyers were residents of villages and small towns,

but today we have a lot of buyers in cities such as Paris. They will want an electric Dacia. But, they will want one that is less expensive than an electric Renault.

Therefore, the launch of electric models is expected in the next few years.

Regarding the introduction of the company’s other technologies in Dacia’s model line, Buros noted that the brand's cars will have options that are not available today after a time. However, it all depends on whether customers are willing to pay for them.

Their needs are simpler: to get from Point A to Point B. For this they want air conditioning, electric windows, power steering but they don’t want a self-driving car because they know they will never get a self-driving car at 10.000 euros. When we are required to put it in, we will do so. But we will try to do it as late as possible, otherwise it will break Dacia’s business model.

Certainly, the electrification of Dacia’s model line is a matter of time. One possible development scenario is to start with a car like the Chinese-made Renault City K-ZE, which costs $8.700 in China. Adapting this model for the European market looks very real and promising.

Electric SUV Renault City K-ZE for the Chinese market Electric SUV Renault City K-ZE for the Chinese market

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