BYD Develops Very Reliable Batteries

BYD has developed an ultra-reliable battery that is not at risk of explosion or fire.

The battery is one of the most important components of any electric car, as it is responsible for the power reserve of the model. However, the battery must be not only capacious but also reliable. That is why manufacturers subject it to various extreme tests in order to avoid problems in the future.

BYD Develops Very Reliable Batteries photo 2

China-based BYD has developed a new battery pack that can withstand incredible loads and even continue to work in the event of overheating or depressurization. At the same time, the Blade Battery, thanks to its optimized design, is 50% more powerful than other modern battery packs. Moreover, the battery is much more durable and safer than its analogues, which eliminates the possibility of fire or explosion in electric cars.

In order to make sure that the battery is reliable, BYD conducted a number of extreme tests. The company’s engineers hammered it with nails and put it to work. The battery was heated to 500°C, but did not emit any smoke or even fire. This is despite the fact that the standard temperature of the battery during operation does not exceed 60°C. The experts also bent, crushed and performed other mechanical actions on the battery, but in none of the cases it exploded. This fact indicates a high reliability of the element.

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