Chery Was Able to Break Into the US Market Under the "Alias" Vantas

China-based Chery has long been planning to expand into Europe and the United States and even created a premium sub-brand called Exceed.

However, due to the Trump administration's policy on imported cars (especially from China), Chery failed to implement its plans for three years. An enterprising American has come to the rescue.

Chery Was Able to Break Into the US Market Under the "Alias" Vantas photo 2

The Exceed brand was first launched in China as Chery’s premium sub-brand. In the fall of 2017, the manufacturer presented the Exceed TXL at the International Motor Show Germany, announcing plans to enter the European market. At the same time, they also announced their intentions to enter the US market with it. One problem is that Chinese cars are not allowed to be sold in North America.

In order to circumvent the ban, Chery entered into an agreement with HAAH Automotive Holdings. The latter is known for already actively cooperating with another Chinese car brand – Zotye. HAAH CEO Duke Hale and Chery Vice President Ray Bierzynski have announced the birth of the new brand Vantas in the US, under which the company expects to sell the already familiar Exeed TXL. At the same time, local production is a prerequisite for its operation. Most likely, we are talking about a large-node SKD Assembly from Chinese car kits.

We are pleased to confirm the creation and launch of the new American brand Vantas. I have no doubt that Vantas will bring an unforgettable experience to consumers in North America

Ray Bierzynski said. He also noted that the new brand will position itself as a premium one «with excellent safety, quality and reliability». Chery plans to sell Vantas cars in the United States and Canada through the powerful HAAH dealership network (Mazda, Nissan, Volvo, Toyota and Hyundai), as well as online.

Chery Was Able to Break Into the US Market Under the "Alias" Vantas photo 3

Details about the SUV for the American market have not yet been disclosed, but the Chinese Exeed TXL is equipped with a 1.6-liter 197-hp turbo petrol TGDI and a seven-speed dual-clutch Getrag. It is possible that the export version will be equipped with something more powerful. In China, the TXL costs from ¥135,900-¥175,900, or $19,500-$25,000 at the current exchange rate.

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