The Electric Chevrolet Camaro May Be Mass Produced

An image of the eco-friendly Chevrolet Camaro was noticed in GM's electrification program.

Yesterday, General Motors shared details about plans to electrify existing models and announced a release plan. The electric Chevrolet Bolt, the long-awaited Hummer, the electric Cadillac and Buick have already been confirmed. During a presentation video of GM’s electric platform, silhouettes of various cars periodically appear on the screen. Among them are pickups and all-terrain vehicles, but a new coupe surprises the most. Its silhouette resembles the Chevrolet Camaro.

The Electric Chevrolet Camaro May Be Mass Produced photo 2

This displayed image of the coupe was immediately considered a hint of the all-electric Chevrolet Camaro. If such an electric car enters the market, it will most likely be built on the company’s new platform created for environmentally friendly vehicles. It is possible that a generation change will not affect cars with internal combustion engines and an electric powertrain will be offered as an alternative.

It is worth noting that an electric variant of the Samago already exists. It was built in 2018 as an experimental model. The twin-engined 700-hp Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro is capable of driving a quarter of a mile in 9 seconds. It is likely that the existing developments will be used for a production electric modification of the legendary sports car.

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