The Citroen Ami: A €6,000 Electric Vehicle

Throughout its 100-year history, Citroen has been demonstrating courage and creativity by offering affordable, inexpensive and convenient access to mobility.

At the dawn of its 101st year of existence, the brand offers a new revolution by introducing the Ami, an all-electric vehicle based on the Ami One concept car. The new Ami is a real breakthrough from the innovative company that draws inspiration from its customers, their lives and concerns. This small EV is ready to meet the new demands and challenges of urban travelers. And it also demonstrates maximum concern for the environment.

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Citroen enters 2020 with the idea of offering urban mobility for everyone. The company’s basis and DNA are innovative, bold and unexpected solutions, as well as unique products and services. As a direct descendant of the Ami One presented at the 2019 GIMS, the Ami EV has become a reality today – in just a year! Because the idea of the concept aroused an unprecedented interest among ordinary people, who serve as a source of inspiration for the brand.

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The new AMI is a practical answer to the expectations of modern people. This is an innovative transport for short trips: easy access to the city center; micro mobility for everyone; a real alternative to a scooter and a bike; a rival to public transport. And all this is available at a reasonable price – for those buyers who already live in the digital world.

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Modern mobility object

  • 100% ELECTRIC VEHICLE: zero CO2 emissions; access to the city center; silent and smooth driving; its battery pack is charged in just 3 hours from a regular power outlet, like a smartphone.
  • COMFORTABLE and SAFE: small on the outside and large on the inside; the Ami allows the driver and passenger to travel comfortably in a closed and spacious modern interior.
  • INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY: original style and experimental symmetry of the design make the Ami unique; customization options allow you to present this EV in various styles, thanks to the choice of 6 color accessories packages.
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Mobility for everyone

  • NO DRIVING LICENSE: In France, you can drive such an electric vehicle from the age of 14. In other countries, you can drive it from the age of 16 with or without a driving license. Thus, the new Ami is available to everyone.
  • A LA CARTE: the Ami is available at any time and for any period thanks to comprehensive offers designed to meet the needs of everyone; you can take an Ami for a couple of minutes or a few days, buy it or use car-sharing.
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Long-term rental (France): €19.99 per month (48-month lease; initial payment — €2644; environmental bonus — €900, including VAT).

Free2Move (car-sharing): from €0.26/min (subject to a monthly subscription for €9.90 without any obligations).

Purchase (France): from €6000 (environmental bonus — €900, including VAT).

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