Citroen Reveals the New C4 SUV and Electric C4: First Details

After the successful launch of the C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross (300,000 and 200,000 vehicles sold since sales started at the end of 2017), Citroën is preparing to open a new page in its history with a high-profile return to the market of its cross-hatchbacks.

Compact cross-hatchbacks play an important role in the European market: they accounted for almost 28% of sales of all cars in the C-segment in 2019.

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The new ë-C4-100% ëlectric and the C4 are able to fully meet the current needs of the segment thanks to an innovative and charismatic concept in full compliance with the requirements of the modern world. Citroën’s new generation of compact cross-hatchbacks is available with an electric, petrol or diesel powertrain. The cars have all the qualities to revolutionize the segment.

Three types of powertrains to choose from: 100% electric, petrol or diesel

The ë-C4-100% ëlectric and the C4 are essentially the same modern high-tech model offered with three different powertrain options: 100% electric, petrol or diesel. Thanks to this range, each customer can choose a fuel-efficient and powerful engine for their car that perfectly meets their needs. The new ë-C4-100% ëlectric will be the fifth model under Citroën's electrification strategy after the C5 Aircross Hybrid, Ami, ë-Jumpy and ë-SpaceTourer.

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Innovative design

The ë-C4-100% ëlectric and the C4 with a unique and bold character represent a new concept in C-segment. Thanks to the raised body and sporty silhouette, the cross-hatchbacks carry the features of an SUV. The new models’ aerodynamic and smooth shapes embody Citroën's signature features, bringing new expressions of style to the brand's lineup. Its cozy, high-tech interior creates a sense of well-being and comfort at a glance.

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New implementation of Citroën Advanced Comfort

The ë-C4-100% ëlectric and the C4 offer a new level of modern, all-encompassing comfort by combining all the elements of Citroën Advanced Comfort:

  • driving comfort is provided by the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension and Advanced Comfort seats;
  • comfort in the cabin is achieved by having a large space and practical features, including a unique innovation for the front passenger, which will be presented during the world premiere of the model;
  • cozy and bright interior contributes to mental comfort;
  • operation comfort is guaranteed by numerous technologies and driver assistance systems. This can especially be noticed in the new ë-C4-100% ëlectric thanks to the ë-Comfort concept, which ensures quiet operation, smooth movement and a special driving experience.
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Rich history of compact cars

Citroën’s success in the compact car class dates back to the first C4 model created in 1928. This story also includes the legendary GS model, which won the title of «European car of the year» in 1971 and this year marks its 50th anniversary. Over the past decades, many compact Citroen models have earned well-deserved recognition for comfort, style and handling: the C4-1928, Ami 6/Ami 8, GS/GSA, ZX, Xsara, C4-2004, C4-2010 and C4 Cactus.

The ë -C4-100% ëlectric and the C4: all details will be revealed on June 30, 2020.

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