The Designer of the McLaren F1 announces a New Supercar with Its Fan-Assisted Aerodynamics

Gordon Murray Automotive revealed the first image of the new T.50 supercar designed in collaboration with Racing Point Formula One Team.

The founder of the brand Gordon Murray Automotive is the famous car designer Gordon Murray who worked on a variety of road and racing cars. The most famous project of the designer is the iconic supercar McLaren F1. The ideological successor to this model will be the new T.50.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

A key feature of the 980 kg car will be advanced aerodynamics. In addition to the active elements, it will also include a 400-mm fan located in the rear-end of the vehicle that rapidly accelerates air passing under the car to allow ground effect and better grip. The same solution was used in the 1978 Brabham BT46B Formula 1 car.

The rear-wheel drive coupe equipped by the Cosworth V12 engine with a maximum power of 700hp is said to be the most advanced aerodynamic road car in the world. As with the McLaren F1, the configuration of the T.50 will be a 3-seat layout with a central driving position. The car will get 6 modes of aerodynamics — Auto Mode, Braking Mode, High Downforce Mode, Streamline Mode, Vmax Mode and Test Mode — which will optimize the system settings depending on traffic conditions.

The T. 50, officially launching in May 2020, will have a circulation of only 100 copies.

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