Daimler to Teach Self-Driving Cars to "Communicate" with Pedestrians

Usually pedestrians try to make eye contact with the driver before crossing the road; he sees them and they can safely step on the crosswalk. But what about self-driving cars, the era of which looks inevitable? Daimler decided to take care of this as well.

The Cooperative Car is a project that will allow pedestrians to quickly assess a road situation and understand car maneuvers at the level of intuition.

Daimler to Teach Self-Driving Cars to "Communicate" with Pedestrians photo 2

The Cooperative Car prototype is based on the Mercedes S-class sedan. The company's experts have developed a special light alarm in turquoise colors – this is the color that most participants of the research identified as the most appropriate for this function. The LED strips, which are placed on the roof, windshield and headlights, will accordingly signal to others about car movements. For instance, frequent flashing will indicate the beginning of movement, but the more measured one will mean braking.

The backlight will turn on simultaneously with the activation of the self-driving mode, i.e. the turquoise color around the car perimeter will automatically mean the absence of the driver at the wheel. There is also a kind of “wake-up mode” provided for this experimental S-model; just before the car leaves a parking lot, the light indicators turn on, then the rear-view mirrors pull out and the car body rises up a little. It looks like the car really stretches itself after sleeping.

Only time will tell how much these «live» self-driving cars can earn the trust of pedestrians.

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