The Diesel-Engined Volkswagen Touareg Fit Into the Norm: the V8 TDI Get the Right to Life

Every year, the world's standards for CO2 emissions are being tightened.

In this regard, automakers are forced to abandon some high-performance gasoline and diesel engines, or add an electric motor that reduces harmful emissions. However, not all manufacturers have followed this path. Some of them have decided to redesign existing engines taking into account environmental standards.

Volkswagen Touareg Volkswagen Touareg

This is what Volkswagen did with its diesel engines. This decision is very bold, especially given the scandal with the ‘Dieselgate’, in which the company was involved and paid multimillion-dollar fines. However, this did not stop the manufacturer. In order to show the environmental friendliness of its engines, VW tested the Touareg equipped with a diesel V8 TDI.

Testing of the new Volkswagen Touareg was conducted by an independent analytical agency in three metropolitan areas of Germany: Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. These locations are not chosen by chance; they are located at different heights above sea level, which affects CO2 emissions. In all tests, the Touareg showed results that are significantly below the level required by the Euro-6 standard (NOx 80 mg/kg).

In particular, in Lower Saxony, emissions were 10 mg/km, in Bavaria – 13 mg/km, and in Baden-Württemberg – 20 mg/km. The average emissions of the flagship SUV is 16 mg/kg, which is almost five times lower than the maximum allowed level. This suggests that Volkswagen may upsycle its diesel engines in the near future. The company managed to achieve these results thanks to a multi-stage exhaust after-treatment system that converts emissions into harmless steam and nitrogen.

The AWD Volkswagen Touareg is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 TDI diesel engine (421 hp and 900 Nm), which works with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. A 0-100 km/h time is 4.9 seconds, while a top speed is 250 km/h.

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