Cars to Control Drivers’ Behavior

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will track the condition and behavior of a person at the wheel.

Built-in video cameras that monitor people in the car and AI that analyzes the footage will be able to make roads safer. Bosch that developed a new system is counting on this.

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The design provides for the installation of a camera built into the steering wheel, which is aimed at the driver. Artificial Intelligence recognizes the position of the eyelids and head, reacting to the closed eyes and the head turned away from the passengers. The software, taking into account the situation inside the car, will either recommend the driver to rest, or will independently reduce the speed of the car, if the automaker provides such a function.

It is stated that AI will be able to self-study to more accurately recognize the symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness and distraction on specific examples and videos with different eyelid positions and blinking frequency. It is expected that the program will also detect situations when the autopilot cannot be turned off: if the driver is distracted from the road, the autopilot will not turn off.

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Another camera will monitor passengers inside the car, determining which of the passengers are not wearing seat belts, how people are sitting (leaning forward too much, sitting half-sideways or putting their feet on the seat), in order to optimally regulate the operation of passive safety systems.

The system developed by Bosch may appear in production cars as early as 2022. In addition, the availability of such systems will be taken into account by EuroNCAP starting from 2025.

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