EP Tender Has Developed a Trailer Equipped with Batteries

France-based EP Tender offers a simple and obvious option to increase a drive range of an electric vehicle without modifying the latter.

The developers simply place an additional battery in a compact aerodynamic trailer designed for towing. The prototype uses a 36.5-kWh battery. However, the start-up wants to introduce a 60-kWh model in the next five years.

EP Tender Has Developed a Trailer Equipped with Batteries photo 2

In the case of the Renault Zoe with a 52-kWh battery designed for a 390-km range (WLTP), the EP Tender trailer will increase the range almost twice (taking into account that the electric vehicle will consume additional energy on towing). It is interesting that the same startup offered a trailer with a fuel generator for EVs, which could recharge a battery consuming fuel.

The designers of the battery trailer position it as a solution for those consumers who only rarely need a long drive range. For example, if it is enough for them to use just a standard battery of the Renault Zoe for driving around the city on weekdays, but they want to go to the country at the weekends. In this case, the trailer will stand quietly in the garage on working days without interfering with city traffic and will be in use on weekends.

So, such people will be able to purchase more affordable electric vehicles with a minimum battery capacity for typical use. And it is optional to buy (or rent) such trailers for an occasional increase in the drive range. The trailer costs about $11,000.

EP Tender plans to build rental points for such trailers on the main tourist routes. As a result, tourists will be able to stop at such a point, take a charged trailer (leaving another one empty) and immediately set off without waiting for the car battery to charge. The company is going to rent such a trailer for only $37. According to calculations, this will be enough to payback the rental system (if 60,000 users rent 4,150 trailers, the company will reach payback by 2024).

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