Electric Vehicles More Convenient Than Expected

Many people believe that electric vehicles are not so convenient to use.

However, the American Automobile Association (AAA) has found out that this is not the case.

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The organization interviewed about 40,000 EV owners for various concerns, the main of which are the insufficient drive range and the inability to travel long distances due to the lack of charging stations. As it turned out, 91% of respondents were afraid to deal with EVs before buying them, but their fears came to naught during the first months of operation.

But what specific picture did the survey provide? Let's look at the points:

  • the vast majority of respondents (71% of them had their first electric vehicle purchased), namely 96%, said that they would buy an EV again when it was time to buy a new car;
  • 78% of respondents have in their garage not only an electric vehicle, but also an ICE car, while 87% use a plug-in EV most often;
  • 43% of respondents began to drive more often after they switched to an EV;
  • on average, EV owners drive 64 km a day, and 75% of them charge their cars at home, which means that they usually start the day with a full battery.
  • only 5% of respondents said that after buying an electric vehicle, their “road dominance” ended.

In general, the AAA notes that many car owners are skeptical of EVs due to “negative public opinion”, but as soon as they change their mind, their doubts disappear, since personal practice suggests otherwise.

Besides, electric vehicles are also more profitable to operate (although their cost is undoubtedly higher). As emphasized in the AAA, an American EV owner spends $546 on “refueling” his car with an annual mileage of 24,000 km, while a petrol car owner spends $ 1,255. Since EVs do not need to oil change and filters, the cost of their maintenance is about $330 on average, while a conventional car will cost extra $949.

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